Cum blochez ignor pe cineva Hi5

Cum blochez ignor pe cineva Hi5
Cum blochez (ignor) pe cineva Hi5
To block unwanted contact from a member, click on that member's profile and select the "Block User" link below the member's primary photo. Once you've blocked a member, that member won't be able to send you messages, friend requests, fives or profile and photo comments.Blocked users are also not able to see your full profile.

You cannot block a user that is currently your Friend on hi5. If you need to block a Friend, you will first need to remove them as a Friend. Once they are removed, you will see the "Block User" link on their profile. Please see this FAQ for instructions on how to remove a Friend.

To restrict your profile to be viewed by your Friends only, click "Privacy" at the top right of any hi5 page. Then scroll to the "Profile" section and click each setting to review your options. You can select the option "My profile can be viewed by my friends only" to keep members or visitors who are not your friends from viewing the full profile. Be sure to click "Save" next to the option to save your changes.

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