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Cum sa-ti gasesti adepţi pe Digg ?

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How To Get Digg FollowersHow to get followers on Digg is not as complecated as it looks. You may just decide to use the same strategies you used on Twitter, but Twitter is no article sharing site (Digg, Twitter, BIG difference). Since the new Digg came up with this very recently, I really recommend listening to the guys with a lot of followers, me! Like Twitter many people tell you to follow a lot of people everyday then unfollow everyone the next day. Depends on what your trying to accomplish. I will tell you that this is the fastest way to get followers on Twitter. Those followers are not quality followers though. And remember this, if it doesn’t work on Twitter is won’t work on Digg.

What I like to do is turn into a scientist when I look into this kind of stuff. I go into about ten of the top Digg profiles. Within these profiles I look at all of the information they have. For example, almost all of them have submitted less than, how many they have dugg. So in order to become a Digg user you need to digg more than submit. Another thing is most of the popular users on digg, digg about 50 articles everyday. What I believe this does is it promotes your user name. Through out Digg. If you are a user that notices someone diggs almost everyone of your articles you might follow them as a way of saying thanks.

Other Ways To Get Followers On Digg
1. Putting a “Follow Me On Digg” button on your blog or website. There are not any of these buttons now, but my next post will be, “Free Digg Follow Me Buttons.”

2. Sending out your Digg profile on other social networks. On Twitter I tweet everyday about my Digg profile. You should too, it will help get more followers on Digg.

3. Find an article that you would be interested in reading, then go to that persons profile and follow them. After that go digg about the last 10 of their recent article submissions. They now might follow you back in return for all of those diggs.

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