Adsense vs Yahoo, adevaratul câştigător

Google Adsense or Yahoo Publisher Networkwhich one is the best in all parts of the comparison. Google Adsense is the best known ppc Network in the world. Then you have Yahoo, many people might turn to them as an alternative to Google Adsense. Why would someone need and alternative. I can come up with three great reasons. First, if you get banned from Google Adsense then where are you going to go? There needs to be another ppc network where you can make money. Second, many people want to find the next big thing. For example the first users on Twitter are also some of the most popular users on Twitter. Third, maybe people just want to try something new. Some other ppc network may claim to be even better than Google Adsense.

Yahoo Publisher Network

1. When I first signed up for Yahoo Publisher Network it took them a month to respond. When they responded they turned me down, because I didn’t have enough traffic.
2. Mike Bogo‘s site said that Adsense had a nice click through rate of 1.3% Yahoo only had .3%.
3. His site also said, that Adsense’s ads are much more relevant. Yahoo’s ads are not very relevant. The click through rate is the result of relevance.

Google Adsense

1. Basically when I sighed up for Google Adsense I got accepted six hours later. Right when I got accepted I was able to build my ad in seconds, then added it to my site the next minute.
2. Again Google Adsense has a better CTR. I believe they have a better CTR because of ad relavency, and because Yahoo ads don’t have a description under each ad. Which is a real minus in the CTR

Google overall is just better by far. Really, Google isn’t the most popular for any reason. Yahoo also isn’t the other publisher network I’d turn too though. I might turn to a company called Adbrite or an even better website. Adsense Vs Yahoo, the problem is finally solved.

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