joaca biliard pool gratuit pe net

Pool, also known as billiards, is a game in which players use a stick called a cue to knock colored balls into the pockets of a pool table. Players can choose from many websites that provide this game for free.

1. The angles of shoots of all online pool games are usually controlled through the mouse. General game websites such as Pogo, Candystand and Yahoo! Games provide games of pool for members. Billiards Arcade, 8baller and Play Online Pool focus specifically on this type of game.
2. Players on Yahoo! Games and Pogo can join any of dozens of rooms in several categories based on age, location and skill. From these rooms, the player can create or join a game with other players in the room.
3. Players can participate in a match against the computer if no other live players are available. Some sites track the user's playing rank and display updated leaderboards. Online pool players can play the popular 8-ball and 9-ball variations at many sites, as well as more uncommon variations such as Cutthroat.
4. Some general game websites require the user to register for a free account. Not all websites have such a requirement and players can immediately begin a game. Furthermore, not every pool or game site provides all variations of the game.

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